I know, it is not 2010 anymore but I needed to post one last message to finish out the year.
Overall the year was a great success. We personally took in $3,000 cash and that got matched by a local business at least once. The PA Tour of Lights as a whole raised > $42,000, thats a good season.
Tear down still isn’t finished, only thing left is the star and I hope to get that down next weekend. Been hard to find time due to selling the house. The awesome wife and I put alot of effort into packing things up and prettying up the house.

Droid apps worked out ok this year, not quite the hype I was hoping for, but I thought it was cool. I really need to make a web front end to allow people to submit/update there own info. Starting looking into django for a while, and had mega elaborate awesome plans 2 months ago. Those plans have kinda faded as I got distrated by a non-light project. I do think that I should at least do a basic front end.

Anyways, as my last 2010 comment I really want to Thank my neighbors. They have been great and really supportive. Katrina, Halle and I will really miss this neighborhood. Wish we didn’t have to leave.


My dad was nice enough to make another donation box this year. This one is bigger, with 2 removable bins, much easier to grab and run on those cold nights. Katrina suggested adding a light to the box which was a great idea. Mounted two C9 inside the box with some bolts used a guards so they don’t get broken. Worked out very well, much easier for people to see the box now.


The show has been up and partially running all weekend. Plenty of people are already showing up and the donations for Saint Judes are starting, Thank You Hanover. Tonight will be the first night the show appears to be fully operational. Droid Control seems to be working great, and Vixen 2.5 looks stable so far. Will take video and post on the video page. Its been one long year, but it is awesome to see all the work come together.


Sorry its been a while since an update, been way to pre-occupied with learning how to write Android Apps. I am now finally done with both the Christmas Light Controller and Christmas Light Show Finder Apps.
Today I was finally able to get this massive Holdman Star on the roof much thanks to my Dad and my neighbor. Getting the base up there was absolutely crazy. Getting it down will be interesting. We will be selling our house, so I might have to get it down in the cold, but at least I can just cut the base up and throw it down piece by piece. (If you happen to have a man lift and wanna make my life easy, please let me know I would highly appreciate the help.)

Well, so much for keeping my new idea for the season secret any longer. I was hoping to fully develop this idea into a real product this year, but I just don’t see how that can happen. So I will hack some code together and try to get something the DIY community can use with vixen. It won’t be pretty, but it should work.


Seven small wreaths and 1 big one wrapped, I think that means all the hardware is essentially done.

Finally have this huge star mounted so I can step back and play with it for a minute. Overall it has worked out really well. The base is not too heavy and could be split in half if needed. Now all i have to do is make a little mount to help safely store it and make an attachment for a pulley to raise the star. UPDATE: Added pics of the pulley mount, its like my very own human powered crane. Guess I will have to start sequencing soon. UPDATE #2 All Done and stored away on the ceiling. Kinda freaky walking near it, but it is securely mounted.

Accomplished the daunting feat of getting up on my roof. Once your up there its not too bad, but not nearly the easiest roof to work on. Getting the star up there is really going to be a pain. Now that I know the pitch of the roof I have started construction of the base, I am thinking a pulley might be in order, to help carefully raise the actual star so I don’t break it.

Finally finished my Holdman star. Wow that took way too long. But here it is, 6′ 4″ tall, 155 C9 bulbs and pulls 10.35 amps. Now to build a stand and of course, get it on the darn roof. ugh.

Starting working on my Holdman star.

WoW!!! been so busy this year. Work has been interesting and a distraction. Hopefully employment stays stable the rest of the year.

Been a bit distracted this year. I am actually getting off the couch and getting involved. Created this website www.adams912patriots.org and hope to get involved with this effort http://www.samrohrerwritein.org/.

Also worked on a invention idea thing earlier this year. The video shows a proof of concept thing I constructed, the actual idea is more complicated and I am not sure if I will ever build it.

Also spent a lot of time working on a special project for this years light show. Keeping this one secret for a while, but if everything goes right lots and lots of people might get to play with the idea.

So at this point I haven’t even got everything down yet, but during the two back to back blizzards I thought I would play. Another guy at work had posted pictures of huge ice towers he makes. So I decided to try and make an Ice Tower. 1 piece of rebar, 1 metal electrical conduit, 14′ of pvc, 4 strands of lights and 40′ of 1/4″ clear hose. This result in a very narrow tall Ice tower with flashing lights underneath. It stood for a few nights and eventually got to heavy and bent over. It was fun though, and who knows maybe one or two will make it into a show one year.