Control Your Own Shown From The Droid:

If you run your own Animated Light Show using Vixen 2.5 and want to setup your show to be controlled via an Android Smart Phone for free. At any time you can start going thru the setup process by following the Quick Setup Guide and Setup Videos below. Major Thanks the Da Man! KC for Vixen Download Vixen Vixen Download the Droid Input Plug-in: Droid Receiver Plug-in v1.0.6 For Vixen Reference the Quick Setup Guide: Quick Setup Guide Download the setup videos for detailed instructions: All Setup Videos Setup Part 1 - Christmas Light Controller Overview Setup Part 2 - Send in your Information (Quick Setup Quide has an updated list of info.) Setup Part 3 - Initial Vixen Input Plugin Setup (Read the Quick Setup Quide for a Profile Warning!) Setup Part 4 - Picture to Input to Channel Mapping Setup Part 5 - Home Network Configuration Or watch them on Youtube: Initial Prototype: Setup Video 1 - General Theory of Operation: Setup Video 2 - Send in your Information: Setup Video 3 - Initial Vixen Input Plug-in Setup: Setup Video 4 - Picture to Input to Channel Mapping: Setup Video 5 - Home Network Configuration: