Add Your Animated Light Show To The Christmas Light Show Finder Android App

Adding your show to this app is really easy, but is a manual process on my end for the time being.
I intend to write a front end for this app eventually but for right now I just want to get it out for 2010.

To get your show into this app simply email lboucher26—-at—
(Replace —-at—- with @, did that so that robots don’t spam that address.)

Include “Christmas Light Show Finder Entry” in your Subject so I don’t overlook you.

Include in this email:
1. Your Address
2. Name of Your Show.
3. A picture of your show (854w x 480h).
4. Lat Long of your show
(Get this from google maps, zoom into your house, right click and select “Whats Here”, Copy the string that populates the search bar exactly as it appears.)
5. Description: (70 Characters or less) (Or keep it less than 30 and a Video link, aka youtube or Vimea)
5. Show Start Date:
6. Show End Date:
7. Show Start Time:
8. Show End Time:
9. Radio Station:
10. Charity:
11. Your Website:

The picture isn’t required, but highly suggested. Remember entering this data is currently a manual process and as such may take a day or two if I am out of town/busy. I will do my best to keep things up to date.

If you move or discontinue your show please email me to let me know to remove your show from the app.

This app is free, but if you like the idea and feel it helps bring some traffic to your show please consider making a small donation to keep my servers and me running strong. Thanks!