Do It Yourself Resources:

Vixen Free Light Control Software from the Awesome K.C. Oaks!
DIY Christmas Forum Amazing DIY forum full of great people who can help you get started.
DIY Christmas WIKI Great WIKI full of info.
DIY Light Animation Forum Another DIY forum with more specific hardware.
DIY Light Animation WIKI Another DIY WIKI featuring some very professionally designed hardware.
Arches and Megatrees A couple good powerpoints about how to build Archs and Megatrees.

Commercial Equipment:

Light O Rama Good Commercial Hardware if you got the money.
Planet Christmas Forum Good Forum for the Commercial Equipment.
Light Show Pro Good Software for controlling just about anything.


Demented Elf High Quality, Custom, Christmas Voice Overs.
Radio Channel Locator Can help you find vacant radio channels.
DIY Apparel Yep there is DIY Christmas clothing!