2014 Christmas
2013 Christmas
Hairy Christmas
Closing Prayer
2011 Christmas Griswald - (New in 2011)
Miracle on 34th Street - (New in 2011)
Carol Of The Bells
Silent Night
All I Want For Christmas
Music Box Dancer
Neat Mega Tree
RGB Mega Tree + Android Controller App = AWESOME!!!
2010 Christmas Droid 2 Controlling the Lights!
Silent Night
Wizards In Winter
All I Want For Christmas
Carol Of The Bells
Music Box Dancer
My Electric Meter
2010 Preparation Raising The Star
The Star Is Built
1st Android Light Controller Prototype
LED Gyro Tube Thing
2010 Halloween This is Halloween
Zombie Alert
Post 2009 Ice Tower Experiment

PVC + metal conduit + 1/4inch tubing + hose adapter = 16' Ice Tower. Final Ice Tower   It bent over the next day.
Ice Tower Start
2009 Christmas  Sorry for the lack of video this year. Fox News Interview   Sorry in advance for the bad quality.
Music Box Dance    Many Thanks to Holdman
2009 Halloween Adams Family
X Files
This is Halloween
2009 Development WII Guitar Controlling Arch
WII Guitar Control    (How does the wife put up with me?)
My First Arch
3 x 17 Channel SX Controllers Built and Working!
2008 Christmas   You can do alot with 16 non-dimming channels! Let It Snow
Jingle Bells Techno
Wizards in Winter